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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boston Road Trip

How was everyones Thanksgiving??  I hope lovely.  I spent Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) in my pajama's watching TV, reading and playing with my animals.  Safe inside from all the mad shoppers.  The first time in 16 years that I did not have to WORK the Day after Thanksgiving. Felt weird, I know...

Saturday, I shopped "Small Business Saturday" by revisiting my favorite Candy Shop in Dumbo again (I couldn't get those salted dark chocolate caramels out of my head!!!).  Plus, we needed candy for the road trip!  So Jeffrey and I rode our bikes on that lovely 65 degree weather day down to Dumbo.  Allison/Dewey was working and we said hello!  Yay for Candy & Dewey's!


And then Sunday BOSTON TRIP ARRIVES!!  We pack up our bags and get ready to hit the road as we  rented the Zip Car for this 217 mile drive to Boston (4 hours and 12 minutes!)!  When we finally touched down... we immediately fell IN LOVE with the town...Thomas Kinkaid painting come to life! 

We started off by walking around our hotel, familiarizing ourselves with the surroundings and finding a great place for dinner.   Let me show you what the night was like as we walked these beautiful cobble stone roads at the perfect time of the year, with twinkly lights.

228 Tremont Street
We enjoy a couple of drinks to welcome us into town.

They recommended "The Beehive"- Live Jazz & Blues entertainment while you eat delicious feel good food.  Off we go!

541 Tremont Street

348 Congress St.

After dinner, Jeffrey and I mozy over to a lovely place called "Drink".  My friend Sarah was there to meet us for a delicious cocktail/night cap!  I'll tell you, this place was so hidden, when entering it looked like you were entering a business.  But once inside, you are immediately greeted by the owner.  He offers to make you a drink.  There is no menu.  You tell what you are in the mood for and he will concoct a surprise drink for you...that turns out to be the most delicious drink you've ever had.  
I love whiskey, and he made me my favorite drink "old fashioned", with a twist...  it had a little cinnamon flavor and almost sweet.  OH, and you get bottomless popcorn.  Perfectly popped, while you enjoy cocktails. :)

1595 Washington 

One of the top bakeries /cookbooks in the country.   
We had a granola bar & bought some one of their famous sticky buns for the road.  I was actually sitting there smelling the air for about 15 minutes (filled with sugar and sweet dreams).  One word of advice, flour is not a place for brunch.  More like coffee, deserts & yummy sandwiches.  So go there for an afternoon snack!

1714 Washington Street
We ate at a diner - perfect for the vibe we were going for...pancakes, eggs, grits.  DELISH!  Also featured in "Diners, Drive in's & Dives"!

3.  Driving around the "SOUTH END" exploring and admiring.

Every Street looks like a painting from Thomas Kinkaid.

Boston Brownstones


After eating all of that food, we head over to Newbury for some shopping!  Located in the North End, this outdoor strip of shops/boutiques/cafes stretch out over 8 blocks of amazing stores from: Marc Jacobs, Madewell, Chanel, Zara, H&M & Ralph Lauren.  Why Jeffrey took a picture of the "Cole Hann" store, I do not know.  That's what happens when I drive and let him take photos.  I tell him, you're in charge!  Because boys love when you give them challenge.  This was his best shot.  Oh well. :) 


After our shopping, we are pooped.  We visit the Boston Common.  This phenomenal park is about 50 I would say it is the "Central Park" of Boston.  Built in 1634, the park has lots of fun and beautiful relaxing places to chill and enjoy a picnic or a walk.  Or even fly a kite.    And say hello to the ducks.

We do this panoramic 360 photo shoot of Jeffrey in the park.  Laughing at his "lying down" pose.

Shiny Happy People, Holding Hands.
2 Pleasant St. Charlestown MA.

Just about a 15 minute drive way, we drive on down to Charlestown to visit Paul Revere's Tavern where he threw a couple back with George Washington.  

Established in 1780, the tavern is over 225 years old.  The tavern is located in the cozy cobble stone roads of Charlestown.  Jeffrey and I decided, we would live here and hang out here every day if we lived in Boston.  

We ate the New England Chowder and cheers-ed to Paul & George...and we don't mean The Beatles.  

I never knew how much I loved Clam Chowder...Until I met this cup's soup.  Wow, that hit the spot.

Bunker Hill Monument-  Visible from the Warren Tavern.

And would you believe we arrived to our hotel by 8pm, Took a nap and wanted to wake up to see "HUGO" in 3D, show at 10:45.  We slept through our alarm.  I wonder why. ??  :)  Too much fun and we slept through the night. 


577 Tremont St.

The best men's boutique/clothing store I have ever shopped in.  And I'm not even their target customer!  ha!  Jeffrey absolutely loved and we gravitated immediately as we were walking down Tremont St., looking for a place to eat brunch.  We were drawn to:
a- The cute shop owner was outside speaking to a customer and he just sounded so nice, it made me curious to see what the shop was all about.  
b- The lovely window presentation currently of Pigs & Bacon. :)  Who wouldn't be attracted to that (um, sorry vegans/veggi people).  It's not the actual thing, it's just tee shirts and gifts peeps.  It's OK. 

ANYWAY, HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you shop here if you go to Boston!  Jeffrey and I had the best time, we even got great recommendations from the owner, Phillip & the sweet guy working, on where to go eat, shop vintage, etc.   = awesome day. :)

Great mix of Men's new, vintage, and accessories from bags, to hats to shoes!
I love good books and candles.  In the middle of the boutique is a table of interesting and fun gift ideas.  Perfect for the Holidays!
My purchases. :)  I wonder whom these gifts are for? 

They even had a little Garden area in the back section for planting trees and making  mistle toes!

550 Tremont

This is one of Chef Barbara Lynch restaurants/property's among the others: The Butcher Shop & No. 9.  & Drink (also a place we visited above).   We walked by all of them, and each menu & vibe inside looked different & amazing.

Anyway, most of you know I don't like Oysters...NOW I DO! HA! I AM OFFICIALLY A FAN!

We were the first ones in there, what loyal customers we are!

We enjoyed genital shaped Fish & Chips.  JK, inside joke..  it was delicious btw.

19 Thayer St.

The best vintage, authentic, real good stuff...we have ever seen.  This man is the real thing.  Owner Bobby Garnet, does not believe in having an online shop.  He said he wants to see his customers enjoy the vintage.  I AGREE!  You go Bobby!  We had so much fun.  Just the smell of vintage is fantastic.  I bought 2 handbags... a vintage Dooney & Burke & a Coach.  I also bought an old Nordic sweater with mothball holes, which I thought were so cute and gave the sweater character.  The lady working there looked at me funny when I said "aw cute", she said..."Um, I'll knock off $10.00 for you" and she gave me some matching yarn to patch up the holes. :) Not before she offered to fix it herself, but I told her i was leaving that evening, so I'd gladly repair it myself. :)

Jeffrey gives it 2 thumbs up.


Denim - my friend who designs at Madewell would die.  

Starts at the Boston Common-  and is a 2.5 mile walk through cobble stone roads.  Just follow the RED LINE that will take you through 16 nationally historic sites.  We lucked out with beautiful weather...the weather was a pleasant 65 degrees at 4pm on a late November evening (very rare).

Boston City Hall

Boston State House

Paul Revere

King Chapel & Burying Ground

Samuel Adams Tombstone

Paul Revere's Tombstone

So beautiful and creepy at the same time.

Old State House, Boston Massacre Site

Following the Red Line.

Good Bye for now Boston...we really really had such a wonderful time in your city.  We will be back, sooner rather than later.