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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Seattle visits me!

I was soooo excited when I found out that Sadie & Anna were coming into town for a weekend to shop for work and let me do the honor of showing them around Brooklyn!    If most of you don't know... Anna is my Seattle "mom". :)  Also my mentor when I was at Nordstrom.  She is one smart, funny, cool lady.  I love her, and am so thankful to have her in my life.  

Started the morning off by taking them to Brunch!
I took them to the best restaurant in Brooklyn (for Brunch at least).

Sadie Tapper is a great friend of mine that I met thru Nordstrom as well.  She was the sweater/knit designer at the time.  Now she is the Design Director for all of BP private label.  She is so talented!  I love supporting and will always be a BP girl at heart.  

I had the Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Pecans on top.  Tons of butter!  YUM

Sadie enjoyed the biscuits and gravy with collard greens , Scrambled eggs & two cooked peaches.

Anna had the best thing on the menu (I normally get this, every time)-  The fried chicken sandwich with arugula, and a pickled egg.  With homemade chips.

Then we shopped all day.  Here are the stores I recommend you shop at if you come to Brooklyn:
1)  In God We Trust
2) Jane
3)  Built by Wendy
4)  10 ft singles (vintage)
5) Amacord (vintage)
6) Oak
7) Bird
8) Brooklyn denim company
9) Beacons Closet (vintage)
10) CatBird

Then we went to an amazing restaurant called 
Okay, we were so in love with this place the moment we walked in.  It is such a darling spot.  
We also had a celebrity sighting ...  the pan am girls.  Yes, Christina Ricci was there.  I think she lives in the neighborhood actually.  I've seen her several times now..

Bedford xmas out

ANNA LEW BOUGHT S'MORE'S this cute house!!  She LOVED it  and was jumping in it as I was assembling it.  She freaked out!!! So thank you Anna on behalf of s'mores.  

SHE WILL NEVER COME OUT OF HER HOUSE AGAIN!  The cardboard house is her sanctuary.

mr. panda says goodnight.

Good Night all!!   Ame said goodbye!  Thanks for visiting Anna & Sadie! She loves and remembers you like the back of her paw! :)

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