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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summertime- Swimsuits Part II

S- is for Summer Swimsuits

With all the beach and pool parties coming up...thought I may need some inspiration on swimsuits of the season.

It's 100 degree's across the country (except in Seattle)...kinda happy, kinda sad... I do miss you Seattle!

However, lots of fun to be had in the sun...
here we go!

I did get my cutie pie bathing suit at
IN GOD WE TRUST- Greenpoint Location

If I had a million dollars, I would shop all day long on this website. 
That Million dollars would have to include a little bit of LIPO...of course.
In lue of "FIFTY SHADES"... a little S&M tan lines could be kinda hot...??  anyone, anyone?
Always good for a nice clean basic.

My absolute fave...but it sold out. :(

To match with your must have the right accessories.
This is what I got going for me...  I hope it's enough.

And this one of the many reasons, I love David Bowie.

I threw a couple vintage photo's for your viewing pleasure...
these always take me to a happy place.

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