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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flea Market Sunday

Every Sunday, 3 things happen:
1) Delicious Brunch after sleeping in.

2) Nails/Toes Done
3) Brooklyn Flea -  right next door to me...what a treat.

 Our favorite Korean BBQ joint in Williamsburg.  It's cozy too.
Here we are both having the Bi-Bim-Bop Pork over a stone bowl.  Ridonkulous.

Next, I mosie on over to the Brooklyn Flea Market.  Nth 4th & Kent- Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Fun Reads- at a great price!  3/$10.  Makes buying Twilight Series & Hungry Games easy...
Chile Chocolate, Bourbon Chocolate,  Vanilla Bean Chocolate, hmmmmm....  yes please!

One mans junk, is another mans treasure.

Fabrics such as: cashmere, tweeds, fur, boucles & so much leather... I love Fall.

Luxurious Fabrics, furs & chunky sweaters... so fabulous.

This was my favorite.  The Textured fur.  So beautiful.

I'm CRAZY about all of these hand painted ceramic dishes!!  I want my entire kitchen cubbards to be filled with these!!  Website to follow shortly...  I took her business card, but can't seem to find.
I'm going back next week to purchase a few or all. ;)

This was the cutest Little Baby/Kid vintage and handmade clothing section!
DOLLS & ROBOTS vintage boutique: by jessica starkweather

My Friend Chelsea just found out that she is having a baby girl.  So I couldn't help but pick up a few little things for her. :)

Happy Post Veterans Day!

You know I love me some vintage shoes.  I'm eyeballing those cute cheetah print pumps over there on the left.  My size!  The good thing/bad thing about vintage shopping: good- you are the only one who will have.  bad- if it's your size, you always justify the purchase by saying "it was meant to be" (also secretly a good thing).

I need a vintage Boy Scout Book...doesn't everyone?

I took a slab of ribs home for Jeffrey for lunch.  Nothing better than some bbq ribs in front of the TV watching football on a Sunday afternoon. yeah,  I'm a good girlfriend.  :)

Goodnight beautiful day.  see you tomorrow.

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