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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Spent tonight going to a wonderful dinner with my boss, Jill.  Such a lovely restaurant in Dumbo:

True Gem hidden on a cobble stone residential road.  You'll think you are lost, but you are really right at home.  I'm sorry, I've already failed as a blogger to take pics of my food (which you all know I do all the time)...I was too busy eating and absorbing this DARLING restaurant I wished I could live in as my new future house.  so...whoops!  Next time! Or it'll just be a mystery until you experience for yourself!!! ;)  yeah, that's why!

Afterwards, Jill & I walked over to her cousins Allison's Candy Shop:

Where we drank wine, almost got our tarot cards read (to busy eating Candy)- THE CUTEST CANDY SHOP EVER.  It's like being in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory as an adult... I had a Veruca Salt moment... I WANT A GOLDEN EGG NOW MUMMEE!  Anyway... THANK YOU ALLISON/DEWEY for introducing me to you WONDERFUL CANDY SHOP.  I will ride my bike to your store in destination for delicious SWEETS and to be automatically taken to that "HAPPY PLACE"... it exists!!!!

 um.... TWO WORDS:  "SALTED CARAMELS".... Nuff said!  did I mention the it's in the cutest location??? Brooklyn, my hood!!

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