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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Part I- today's recap

Hello Friends!
So like I promised, I said I'd loop you in on the weekend in hunt of fall fashion.  Let's just say, it was not as easy as I thought it was going to be... ha!  First off, I realized...the iphone takes great photos, but is not so great when you are trying to snap pictures of people walking past you in a hurry.  I don't like asking people to take their photos...I prefer to get them in action.  But I couldn't really even do that (I tried) :).  So, I am now on the hunt for a camera.  like a real one.  Not that I don't love my iphone and all...but i'm sure it will make the world of difference (you think?).

Anyway, here's how it turned out... For the record... I am admitting 100% I suck at the trend photos for today.  However, I will work on that as I go along...   ENJOY!

Bedford/N.7th- on a clear day
The leaves are finally changing's so beautiful!

Then Kiger and I go to Five Leaves for a late Brunch and enjoy some delicious bloody marys-
Heath Ledger's Bar/Restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
I got the Morrocan Scramble- YUM!
With Chickpeas & cilantro/peppers 
Kiger got the Steak & Eggs with Chorizo & Hashbrowns- the steak was amazing!!

And we begin our walk around the neighborhood-

Leather & Leggings

Fedora's & Fur

Fur Sisters

Fur Vests

Fur Coats & Trenches

For Men- So much Red/Black Buffalo Check all over the place

10 ft. singles

Buffalo Check & Fur- match made in heaven

Buff Check Hats

Good to know Jeffrey's got it going on...

Cowboy/Cowgirl boots were out in full affect at all vintage stores... 

Lot's of great lockets... I forgot the name of this place already, but it was a cute shop where you can pick your chain, and pick your charm and personalize/monogram your own necklace if you'd like.  Very well priced and cute cleaver ideas for gifts.  I'll get the name of it, Kiger actually bought a great dog tag necklace.

Shelves of printed bedspreads/rugs/shams.

I wanted to buy this tricycle for myself.
We ended our day by having a cup of tea at a cute coffee shop on N. 3rd-  Modca-
Very Cozy Quiet little cafe.  Nice and relaxing, the way Saturday's should be. lovely company, thanks Kiges!

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