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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Beginning

Tonight, I begin my adventure, my goal, my dream since I've moved to create and write my own blog.  A place where I can express myself, share great things, connect with new friends, and most importantly explore new worlds.  As I document my life in New York, as we all is too short.  LIVE IT UP!  Here we go... :)  I will take you through, the best and worst foods, fashion, films & plain 'ol a day in the life of me.  Because as you all know, i am a dreamer...and life thru my eyes is different than most (not to say that is always a good thing...but it can be entertaining).  Oh, before i forget to mention...the name of the blog, as most of you also know... Mon (me) Ame (my little pup, my brave cutie pie that has traveled cross country with me and is my baby girl forever and ever).  Okay, now we can get started.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  super excited!!


  1. Hi Mon! So glad to see you've done it!! I'm officially
    A follower! :) b

  2. Congrats Mon!! I support your blog and I'm excited to see what you will express to the world!! You go girl!

  3. THANKS you guys!!! Who's LUV above by the way? :) I am no cupcakes & cashmere yet, but I can't wait to do my thang! Each day will be something fabulous!! YAY!

  4. Way to go! Im so happy you worked this out!! Keep it up and I'm so proud of you!

  5. LUV JONES!! i know you lady face! thanks for being a sweety and supporting!!

    HEY CAMEO! ;)

  6. i am so proud of you!!!
    it looks fantastic