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Monday, November 21, 2011

Vintage Shopping Sunday!

Hello all!

I had the pleasure of spending my Sunday with NEW & OLD friends, and it was sooooo lovely!  My great friend Colie Cassidy from California (that sounds like an actresses name doesn't it?), my great friend Kimberly from NY and previous wonderful amazing assistant, and my new NY friend Michelle all joined me on a beautiful weather November Sunday in Brooklyn.  The weekend before Thanksgiving.  I realize, how greatful I am to have such wonderful friends.  And I dedicate this entry to them. 


We started off by going to a brunch at this darling restaurant on N.6th & Berry:  
Sweet Water Grill:

Darling Patio (and it was nice enough weather to eat outside believe it or not!). 
Warning: this place is cash only (much like a lot of little restaurants in Brooklyn NY). 

And then it was off to:
Artist & Flea's

Pic by: Colie Cassidy

Pic by: Colie Cassiday

Colie & I drinking our APPLE CIDER from the Flea Market

Vintage Camera's- I want.

Blue Bottles

Old Dressers- so cute

Old Luggage-  I'm getting some ideas for these. :)

Pic by: Colie Cassidy

Pic by: Colie Cassidy
Live DJ at the indoor flea market spinning the right tunes.  Getting us in the mood to try on furs

Pic by: Colie Cassidy
Caught a Human Film Camera Man

Pic by: Colie Cassidy

After a long day of vintage shopping, all we needed was to chill and have a nice glass of wine.  We sat outside in the back patio of a really great German Wine/Beer Bar called:


Colie & I enjoying our wine together!!
And the BEST assortment of Wine & Cheeses-  It was all about the HONEY GOAT CHEESE.


Michelle's Sneakers

Colie & Betsey!  a little tipsy. :)

Kimberly & Michelle- Lovely Smiles!

And then we ended our night by enjoying TACO'S at:

Of course too engrossed in our conversation to take pics, but believe me when I tell you... their $2.50 taco's are extraordinary!!!  

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  1. Aww...thanks for the lovely post! I am so lucky to have a friend like YOU!! xoxo