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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wall Art. HOW GOOD IS IT??? NY

11/5-11/11-  Roaming the streets of NY, you are surrounded by amazing art/graffiti all over the place.  Here, they actually are writing on the wall with a purpose.  Not to just mark their territory.  If you stare long enough, you can see all sorts of crazy graffiti within graffiti.
These were collected over a weeks time.  Some are from my friend Colie and I bar hopping in Brooklyn, and taking pictures in between.  My other friend who contributed to these images is Perri who was also taking pictures of graffiti on her own that very same night.  We are always on the same wave length.

Some of the below pictures were also sent to me by my friend Perri whom happened to be taking pictures of Graffiti that night too.  Funny how that works out!

It's only right to show you how much great Graffiti, it is one of the first things you notice/see in Brooklyn.  It gives it character, it brings the city to life.  I've only just begun....

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