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Thursday, December 1, 2011

3 Movies- with the letter M

Oddly enough...all three "M" movies are about women that have internal issues.  Be it insecurities, permanent state of melancholy, or being just plain brainwashed...  it's the life of being a woman in general.  It's tough out there!  

5 stars

If Michelle Williams does not win an award for this role, I will cry.  She was PERFECT as Marilyn.  It was scary, how at moments, I felt I was actually watching Marilyn herself.  

P.S. This movie inspired me to:
1) make an effort to actually take the time to do my hair.
2)  A woman can never wear too much mascara. According to Judi.
3)  Wear Pencil Skirts and embrace my curves.
4)  Seduce with your eyes.  It's a gift.

4 stars

Magical, mysterious, and mystical...DEPRESSING & WEIRD.  Beautifully filmed, Beautiful music, beautiful and scary at teh same time.  Kirstin Dunst has won me over again.  This movie starts off by giving you snippets of what is going to happen at the end of the movie in the beginning.  A feeling of being underwater and painfully awkward...the entire movie is so sad.  I feel like I am also in permanent Melancholia.  The director Lars Von Trier also directed "Dancer in the Dark" with Bjork.  If you have seen this movie, you know what I mean... you will want to jump off a cliff when the movie is over.  But it is so beautiful at the same time, you can't help but watch.  Oh geez, sisters that are brought together by the end of the world.  As we know it.  I'd still watch it again. 

5 stars
Although, I was highly disturbed watching this movie, I still really enjoyed.  I think they captured the feeling of being brainwashed into a cult, when you have no where else to turn...and you are 100% so vulnerable.

(warning: this movie is disturbing in certain scenes.  But Elizabeth Olsen is amazing at her debut role as Martha.  She reminded me a little bit of Maggie Gylennhal in "the secretary"...does anyone else feel that way?)

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