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Saturday, December 17, 2011

NY visits Seattle

My visit to Seattle...

Short but really sweet!  I luckily got to go for work and made a weekend of it with my old friends!

First thing is that I got to visit all of my BFF's from Seattle.

Missed everyone so much!
Here is a recap:

We start the night off at Linda's-  my favorite go to.  Plus my buddy Hank works there, so it's nice to always get a hug from him.  Amber Boyer my bff from Seattle, and I re-unite and spend some good 'ol times at Linda's.  Some things never change. :)

Zach & Tall Paul.  Always down to Party!  My favorite guy pals.  You guys rule.

Amber uses two roses as swords.

Amber and her new BF, Chris & his magic mustache.

Zach's serious face-
Miss you!
Me & Pauly   He's taller than me.
Amber Boyer doing a dance for me at 4am.

Thanks Amber Boyer for letting me stay at your place!!!
Hefner cuddled with me all night!! This little cutie right here!

with: Sarah Larsen, Marco Esquivel, Zach Norton, Sadie Tapper & I

Couple things about this place.  It serves breakfast special all day!
If you go here, order the HUEVOS RANCHEROS!  Soooo good!  
Then, eat some of their coffee cake, which is the size of my head.  But it is ridonculous.

Needed this breakfast after a wild night of dancing!

Marco & Sarah outside on 15th.  Cuties.

It's not a bar, it's a crepe/coffee house.  Darling tiny place, with great upstairs and downstairs seating.  Great for reading a book on a rainy day and enjoying a latte.

Located in the "Loveless Building"
I actually loved this building so much, that I almost decided to live here.  Instead, I moved in around the block (for 1 of my 3 years in Seattle).  Here is the view from Joe Bar, where i ordered a nutella Crepe and a latte.  Yum Yum.   See Harvard Exit Movie theatre right across the way!

My Nutella whip cream crepe & Latte.  ORGASMIC!!!

My most favorite place to eat dinner.  
If you come here, you must order:
1) French Fries
2) Brussel Sprouts
3) Mac n Cheese
4)  Skirt Steak


Sarah & I!  Regular

This is us trying to be skinny.

Zach & Paul- couple Solid Seattle dudes.

Order the bread pudding for desert!
A.B. Approved.

Chocolate mousse in a cup with home made whip cream!  Delish.

Love my buddies


  THE BEST BRUNCH SPOT EVER.  First of all, they were a food truck when I lived in Seattle.  Second of all, extra hot boys work there (young, too young...but cute none the less), and third of all, they have BACON JAM!  WHAT?  That's all I have to say about that.

Typical Grey Seattle.  I did this photo in blk/white appropriately.
Cute diner inside

Corrine, Anna Lew, Melly & I spending some quality time together.  My Seattle "momma", "auntie" & "sissy".   Our reunion was too short, but we enjoyed it as we enjoyed all eating at Skillet Diner for the first time.  We will be back!

BACON JAM-  What they famous for!! And they should be!! it's a thick spread that you can put on ANYTHING and it makes it taste so much better! really, even water probably (jk).

Ran into my sweet Nordstrom friends here.  It seems everyone goes to this hot spot!

Sofie So cute in her denim shorts, ripped tights & converse sneakers!  She's always so cute!

Poutine- Cheesy Gravy Fries (nothing wrong with that)- with bunny ears of course.

Waffle Griddle with Pork Belly & egg

Moroccan Scramble

Shrimp & Grits with Eggs over easy.  Delish!


My last dinner/drinks with friends-  I ate at:

Great Happy Hour, great cocktails & the pretty okay pho soup.

The best part about Boom Noodle, is that I got to see Lindsay, my hairdresser & great friend from Seattle!!  i love this girl!   & NATE torion, who is my brother from another mother!  He made it out on his busy moving day!  Thanks Natey!

Short but sweet.
Still good to spend time with all of my friends before Christmas.  Best xmas present was to see them.
Kisses you guys, whom I miss so much!  I wish you were here with me in NY or visa versa.  I'll be back to see you again very soon.  Love you guys like family.


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