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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

K- Kickoff to Costa Rica

I'm taking a mini Holiday, to get away from it all.  Sometimes, you just gotta get away.  Some distraction, sun, drinks & good friends always do the trick.  I just read that Demi Moore steps out for the first time since treatment.  Can you believe that she took this long??  Jesus!  I know it won't take me that long.  But then again, she was married to Ashton for 6 years.  I wonder if she knew that it wasn't going to last when she married him and was willing to sacrifice it all, just because Love Wins.  Every time.  I think so, in fact...I think she knew exactly what she was getting herself into.  As did I.  Because I knew that he was 6 years younger than me.  And not only that, he was a drug addict, alcoholic when I met him.  He was so much fun!  But that fun fizzles.  And I never let him continue those habits after we were together.  He promised he'd stop, for me.  I wasn't enough.  And now he has chosen everything else except for me.  I didn't lose though.  I had an amazing relationship for 3 years with the little bastard.  As stupid as most people would think I was to continue that relationship...including my own parents (both did not approve of him for me)... I stuck with him, thru thick and thin.

And it's time for me to move on.  SOOOOOO..... with that said....


Stay tuned for pictures my friends.  It'll be refreshing!!!
Turning a new leaf in my life.


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