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Tuesday, May 1, 2012



On our way to for adventures!! Zip Lining! Waterfalls, Mud Baths, Hot Springs!

Worst picture ever...but this was our hotel.  AMAZING BATH WATER POOL!

Love this tree of Life.

This man was driving his baby on the motorcycle.  He had  a helmet.  The baby did not.

Bath Water

I got burnt in THIS weather.  HUMID AS HELL!

Beautiful Sunsets, we watched and waved goodbye each night.

The coffee and fresh fruit every morning there was AMAZING.

I'll need to go back, when I have more time!  The trip was too short.  I did enjoy every second of it though.  And the BEST layover ever in Chicago with Sadie's family.  They made us a nice "thanksgiving" meal, and gave us our first hot showers in 4 days. 


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