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Friday, August 3, 2012

Thoughts- spoken thru lyrics

Waiting for the sun to rise, and ways to creep up your face.  I got struck down by love.  Thats because someone showed me what it was.  eyes like yours are hard to find.  waiting for your heart to change.  something quiet says to stay. i've been dreaming where you've been.  I've mapped out rooms that we'd be drinking in.  just say you'll come home, little wind.  I think my head knew, but didn't tell my heart.  it isn't good to drink alone, that's how i'll remember this, which only goes to show.

gone are the games and the faces we made to get by.
you are the same as you were when I left.
we hoped and we prayed for a word to call this.
saying i'm leaving, was never a threat.
so let's call it off, and forget.

gone are the floors buried by what we wore everyday
a place for your palm in the coat i had on, yes I's not suppsoed to rain.

i'm never clear when i talk when i mumble.  things i should scream, i'll never confess.
let's call it off, and forget.

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