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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whatever I feel like Wednesday

I've collected a couple of images since my last post of things that inspire I think that's what you will see below for my WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE WEDNESDAY.

it's just started to snow tonight for very first time this winter.  It's so nice out.  I'm cuddled up indoors with my little ame and about to hit the hay for the evening.  I'll take some nice photos of the fresh fallen snow tomorrow morning when I take the pup for a walk.  AME needs a new sweater.  and some little boots.  Will look for this weekend! One for me, one for her.

Been on my mind like a broken record...must blog, must blog, must blog.

Couple fun things I was thinking i'll blog about coming up...
1- Fun recipes friends have recommended to me.  You know the winter is when I plump up.  and I do love baking.
2- girl trip is only 2 weeks away y'all!
3- Winter Fashion in Brooklyn,,, I love hitting the streets around this time to check out what people are wearing.  It's hard to look cute when you're all bundled up.  But some people can pull it off.

Love everything about this girls make up. Two toned lipstick... and cat eyeliner. .. I WANNA TRY!

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