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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Miss me? Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey Guys!

So it's been almost a year since I last wrote on here.  I took a long break, I guess...with the "instagram" getting big, I think I was starting to use that as a blog (like most bloggers have done now).  There's only so much social media a brain can handle...especially when you work as much as I do.  The last thing you want to do is be on a computer when you're on a computer all day long.  But this week, it was thanksgiving.  And a very special friend said to me... you have to get back to doing what you love for hobbies and doing what makes you happy.  Which is basically cooking, entertaining, exploring and trying new things.  I think I'd like to use this blog as a way to let people know how great some of the places I've been to and explored, being lucky to live bi-coastal, have a job where yes we do work hard, but we also get to travel, entertain and try new amazing restaurants while doing so.  

So, this past few days, I'm just going to re-spark this blog by talking about what i've been up to.  I will need to take you back, but for now we shall move forth for a bit...

Thanksgiving morning, I baked from 9am-6pm.  Had wonderful friends over for dinner, and we ate, played games, watched football, rest on the couch, and then ate some more.  I had anxiety all morning that I wasn't going to have enough food all day as I was cooking...but i had more than enough, and everyone took plates home, and still I had so much leftover.  Proof that I could possibly open my own restaurant one day and feed an army of people (wishful thinking?).  

Check out just a few things I made:
- A nice Organic 12 lbs turkey
- green bean casserole
- sour cream parsley mashed potatoes
- turkey home made gravy
- homemade cranberry orange apple sauce
- Italian Sausage/Bacon/2 mushroom/ 3 bread stuffing with herbs
- candied carrots
- brussel sprout cranberry salad
- sweet potatoe pie
- pumpkin pie
- bourbon pecan pie
- home made butter dinner rolls

Mike brought the best pork loin i've ever had over.  Nat made spinach salad & home made mac n cheese.  Kimberly made kale butternut squash salad.  

Make a wish- wish bone war.

Thanks for coming out you guys, and thanks for being awesome.  

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