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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday before Xmas

The Saturday before Christmas, and I dread Christmas shopping in the city.  I've gotten almost all my presents ordered on  This year has been pretty slim with presents.  I did send out Christmas Cards, I hope they get there in time!

Before I started my dreaded shopping, I head out to the LES to meet some girlfriends for Brunch. 
We went to the FAT RADISH. 

We asked the nice waiter to suggest what his favorite thing on the menu was.  He suggested the "avocado & egg toast", it sounded so good that 3 out of 4 of us ordered it.  Well, I really should have ordered the celery root pie.  I was underwhelmed at the flavor in this dish.  Surprisingly!! I love avocado.  Well, I had two amazing hot toddy's, so it really made everything better.

Then I head out to Soho, where it was MAYHEM.  I shopped Top Shop for some great basic tee's I've fallen in love with there.  

Uniqlo for a special someone that needs clothes bad!  

Madewell for their Bien Fait collection (a gift for my friend in Barcelona).  

And then headed to IGWT where I picked up a few treasures, also for some friends who shall remain unnamed until after the new year.

3 days till Christmas ya'll!
While I'm super sad I'm missing Amber my friends Wedding in Seattle this weekend, I'm happy not to be traveling.  I'm so exhausted from always being on the go.  Works been crazy, and with Christmas being right around the corner & my trip to Barcelona only 4 days away...I want to try and relax as much as I can.   I know Ambers wedding is going to be amazing! She's been doing so much planning and I know I'll see her again soon after she's a married woman!

So after shopping, 
I made a delicious cinnamon apple brie cheese stuffed croissant tonight.  Delicious!! Made house smell so good.  

Recipe can be found here:

Even though I burnt the top portion , this was still so delicious!  It needs to be eaten fast while hot.  Tastes like apple pie!

Okay, tomorrow, I do Barcelona trip prepping. Stay tuned!!


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