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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Small Business Saturday

Some get crazy bananas about Black Friday, by waking up at 4am hitting the stores by 5am and fighting over the latest gadget or deals.  I can't be bothered.  After having to work almost 12 years of my retail career in the stores with no option to take the day after thanksgiving off... I can actually say I am happy to NOT be a part of the Black Friday madness.  Instead, I spent the day in my pajamas, watched cartoons all day and ate the thanksgiving leftovers.  I did go for a nice walk around my neighborhood for a cup of coffee, even though it was freezing and even started to snow a little...  to which I quickly retreated back home to snuggle and stay warm.

So, then comes Saturday.  First of all, the stores near me in Brooklyn Greenpoint/Williamsburg don't open until 12pm on Saturdays.  Which is awesome because I like to sleep in.  So I met my girlfriend Amanda, we started off by going to brunch at Le Barricou.  A sweet cozy french restaurant with a fire place and a warm cafe feeling. Not to mention they have the best burgers and french toast...  with a cup of latte & tea, we were all set to shop after this.

Le Barricou

Our first stop was:

Moon River Chantel-  A great home store (wish my house looked like this). Amanda bought local yummy smelling candles, and I bought Frankie's Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Then we went to Scosha- a beautiful jewelery store.  Beautiful wallets, locally made necklaces, shoes, and much more.  I spotted a few cute xmas present ideas in here.  :)

Then we wandered over to Sprout Home.  We bought a few flowers and plants for the season to make us feel a little bright.  But more so we couldn't resist how cute these tiny things were, we wanted to adopt them to bring them home with us.

A few people may be getting these cute DIY Terrariums for Christmas, I thought they were the perfect gift.

Once the sun goes down here in the winter, it turns really cold quickly.  So it was time to sneak into the closest bar for hot ciders, we sat there and got warmed up.

What to do once you've drank at a warm cozy bar?  Keep going, of course!

Brooklyn Ale House- a dog friendly bar- made friends w/ a couple of pups and drank hot bourbon apple cider.

Sputyn Duvil- Enjoyed two cups of Mulled Wine and a cheese plate , delicious.

Richland-  Drank two drinks called the "Albani"- Bourbon, Black Walnut bitters, and honey.  Delicious.

Fada- French Restaurant
Where we sat and listened to live music and drank wine with the frenchies.  The bass player looked like side show bob, and was sorta making weird faces so I couldn't stay too long. But they were really good. The waitress said that they did work with Woody Allen for the movie "Midnight in Paris".

That was the end of my Small business Saturday.  We had fun, and I do have to's been a while since I've been out like that.  Winter time is fun to stay home and watch black and white movies while drinking tea and snuggling up on the couch.

Following up with Sunday activities which included baking cinnamon rolls, watching "All about Eve"-

I was going to go to my Yoga class tonight, but recent calls from my sister updating me on my dads health bummed me out.  I couldn't think about much, and spent the afternoon talking to her.  She's taking him to the Urgent care.  He seems to be having a terrible allergic reaction to something and his feet and body are swelling up breaking out in rashes.  I'm hoping that the doctor can tell him whats wrong and fix it quickly.  Because he's only living with one kidney now, he's definitely more susceptible to catching an illness or infection.  I worry about him so much.  He was lucky they removed the cancer, and didn't have to have any chemo therapy, but at the same time, I'm praying it's not spreading now and this is something the doctors missed.  You just never know.  I'm not there to take care of him either, so it kills me to know he's in pain and I can't take care of him.

Well, maybe it's a good thing this blog is up and going again.  I could definitely use as many prayers as possible.  Hope you guys don't mind the personal detour, I didn't expect it either... I guess I'm just writing and taking it day by day too.  Like everyone else.

I'll keep you all posted.

Mon (Ame is with my Dad, so he has half of my heart with him).

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