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Sunday, December 22, 2013


Sundays are for sleeping in and relaxing before you head back to work Monday.

I went and bought a tree ( a tiny one), yes... I will only enjoy it for 4 days before I have to leave to Barcelona...but better late than never!  I don't know what I was thinking actually. I went to buy Christmas lights for the tree before I bought it, and for some reason I grabbed colored lights.  I ALWAYS have white lights.  I love white lights, it seems classic.  And even growing up we had white lights with red little bows on the tree.  I really don't love the way it looks, so I may be crazy and switch out the colored lights for white lights tomorrow. hahaha!!  What do you think??

For Dinner, I decided to make Chicken Pot Pie. Even though it's super warm out for this time of year, 70 degrees today...  I had roasted a whole chicken last night and wanted to use the meat since it was so juicy.

YUM YUM YUM.  Turnout out amazing.

While this little puppy was in the oven, I made tea w/ these cute jars I made for xmas presents...had to keep some for myself, of course.  

Think I'll bake sugar cookies on Christmas eve.  I've got some fun green/red sprinkles and cute cookie cutters my friend Sarah bought me for a xmas present last year.  Oh speaking of, her b-day is coming up!!  

OMG my friend Amber got hitched today!!  I missed her wedding since i'm so far away.  but not before I screen shot one of her snapchats she sent!! 

Congrats to this little Mija!

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