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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MANIC MONDAY- so manic, it's a day late.

Monday's are always hard to get into, aren't they?  

5:45am alarm set- prepped Pea's bag, food for the week, showered both of us the night before, layed out our clothes.  So my morning went like this:

Sliver out of bed, open my eyes, turn on the coffee maker (I need to get back to French Press, remind me, the Keurig is starting to taste plastic).  Brushed my teeth, put my messy hair in a half high bun.  Got dressed, lugged 5 bags to the car while Pea was sleeping.  Pulled the car around to be closer to my apartment.  Fed the cat, dog.  

6:30am- Scooped Pea out of bed and hoping to keep her asleep.  She woke up, the first thing she said was (AME) our dog, her sidekick.  Ame is already in the car waiting for us.  I load her in her PJ's, and off we go. No traffic , it's too early.  
7:00am- Drop Pea off at my aunts, give her a big kiss, and sit with her for a second to get her favorite show up and running on her tablet.  Say goodbye.

7:15am- Arrive to my office, pack samples for a 9am meeting, load the 75 lb trunk into my car alone.  7:30am- Arrive to showroom.  Steam all my dresses, drink some more coffee. Put lipstick on (that's about all the make up I have time for.
 And here's me.  Messy hair, don't care.

I've got appts all this week, and some yummy dinners in the night.  Tonight , going to whole foods to start my Annual detox.  I've got 60 days to lose 30 lbs.   Working on it, I think I can do it, I've done it before.  I'm going to Costa Rica March 12th for Sarah's Wedding, gotta get my soft body into shape.  
For those of you that know me, I don't try , at all.  I eat whatever I want, I don't work out these days.  So when I do try, the pounds just fall off.  Determination is a strong thing.  Bathing suit shopping already, I've got my eyes on some great things in mind. 

P.S> I ended up going out Saturday night!
So much fun. My friends AMAZING husband watched the kids while the girls went out on the town.  P.S.S. I'm NOT missing those stupid clubs, and bars. Much rather be home, but it was fun anyway with my girls.  And lots of laughs!

 We went to an amazing bar called "the Love Song".  Not before we hit up a HOUSE's an actual a HOUSE.  So it feels like you are 18 again, super,uper, hipster place.  It was pretty amazing.  Shows in every room, and in their backyard.  

HM157, check it out.

LOVE SONG bar- mellow, small, cute, great cocktails
tribute to David Bowie Night Dancing.  on vinyl.  what is better?
I had the Morris Day cocktail. YUM!

Will update you on this weeks yummy dinners (I'm detoxing, so that will go well.  I'll just order water, and smell the food). I'll probably just order the white fish, no booze.  I'm getting cleaned up for summer body.


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