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Friday, January 29, 2016


I had the opportunity to attend my most favorite artist of all time's show last night, that was playing at a breathtaking venue... a CATHOLIC CHURCH.
The Cathedral Sanctuary of the Immanuel Presbyterian Church.

If you are not a fan, you may listen to her music and think... hmm, it's beautiful, or too folky for me.  But if you were to see her LIVE, you'd instantly fall in love with her, regardless of who you are or what your personal preference in music is.  If you don't, you probably don't like puppies, or angels, or nice people and are probably not normal.

I remember I bought my first record player when I lived in Seattle, at a vintage store.  It is a piece of furniture that turns into a record player.  I bought it for $45.00.  My first record was Micheal Jackson's BAD album.  My SECOND record of all time, was JENNY LEWIS AND THE WATSON TWINS... RABBIT FUR COAT.  I remember I saw her live in Seattle when she did her "Jenny & Johnny Tour", and bought this record here.  Walked out like a super hipster, in tears from being moved by the show, all emotional hugging my vinyl.  I was a fan of her's long before this though... when she was Rilo Kiley.  There is not an album that I don't dislike of her's , they are all special and unique in their own way.  Like snowflakes. 

This night was however, so special.  The venue, to see the Watson twins & M.Ward perform with her in this place.  Her set list was perfect.

First set was : RABBIT FUR COAT
15 min intermission...
Second set was: The Voyager

Opening up with Run. Devil, Run...walking down the aisles with candles in their hands slowly in the dark.  So quiet except their voices singing... Run, devil Run...from Love.

Here are just a few breathtaking images from the amazing night, with my one of a kind friend... KK-Rad.  Let's do it again, K. This time without the madness. ;)


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Detox, Diets & Dinners, Drinks... Crash and Burn.

Hey all,

I decided to start a "modified" Detox last week, when I got on the scale, and saw that it's going to opposite direction of where I want it to go (it's all in my bootie, I swear)...

But it's just not as easy as it seems when you have business dinners, with amazing food, wine and company.  So it's "modified".  Meaning, I eat, drink, and merry.  I have kicked Maggie's Donuts, drinking a lot more water in the day. 

Here are some great new restaurants I tried last week, for you foodies that need some LA recommendations.

 Things to order here, and things to pass on:

Mini chicken pot pies
Basque Cod Fish
Burrata Salad
Shishito Peppers, HOT AS F*CK. all of them. so eat the mini biscuits in the shape of kisses in between peppers, and ask for a glass of milk.

Dessert, and just order more cocktails.  I never abandon any sweet, but for some reason, both desserts we ordered were not interesting, or delicious.  We left both on the dishes, and I just had another glass of their delicious wine.

 ROKU SUSHI- in W.Hollywood

ON Sunset Blvd. 
I was too busy eating to take pictures.  I have a few regrets here, not ordering enough Sushi.  We ordered so many of their baked fish, and steaks... what else do you come to Sushi Roku for?  I had one Spicy Tuna Hand Roll, a WHOLE LOT OF HOT SAKI, and I CANNOT stop thinking about their DESSERT! THE Smores desert!!  Amazing!!  So here is what you order  here.  The BAKED COD fish, sushi, hand rolls, Saki & Smore's.  That's all that matters.

Finally- Not new to me, my favorite new place to eat...the LINE hotel.
Both for POT and Commissary, Chef Roi Choi is incredibly talented... I'm determined to meet him next time I'm there.   I could eat at POT every day , for the record, I love MEAT.  But, tonight, I decided to go to Commissary, the more delicate side of the Line.

Commissary is like eating in a "Glass Greenhouse", with amazing cocktails (served out of plastic to go cups) , beautiful vintage dishes, and lap towels.  Family style, you sit in a long community table with you can't be bothered by this, and be willing to accidentally eaves drop, and be eaves dropped on when you are eating here.

AND IF NOTHING ELSE... ORDER TWO ORDERS OF THE STICKY DATE PUDDING. You will fight , and possibly bite the persons hand off for taking the last bite if you have to share this dish.  The people next to us were licking their plates, and that's how we knew I needed my own.

She's amazing!!!  Getting so big!!  Check this out.  A record 4 inches in 5 months.... good thing I'm keeping track. :)


Helping Mommy bake a Pie

Tomorrow I see my most favorite artist of all time, Miss Jenny Lewis, and the Watson Twins. 
AT THIS VENUE... with M.Ward opening... I may cry, it's going to explode my mind.   I can't even wait... more to come.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MANIC MONDAY- so manic, it's a day late.

Monday's are always hard to get into, aren't they?  

5:45am alarm set- prepped Pea's bag, food for the week, showered both of us the night before, layed out our clothes.  So my morning went like this:

Sliver out of bed, open my eyes, turn on the coffee maker (I need to get back to French Press, remind me, the Keurig is starting to taste plastic).  Brushed my teeth, put my messy hair in a half high bun.  Got dressed, lugged 5 bags to the car while Pea was sleeping.  Pulled the car around to be closer to my apartment.  Fed the cat, dog.  

6:30am- Scooped Pea out of bed and hoping to keep her asleep.  She woke up, the first thing she said was (AME) our dog, her sidekick.  Ame is already in the car waiting for us.  I load her in her PJ's, and off we go. No traffic , it's too early.  
7:00am- Drop Pea off at my aunts, give her a big kiss, and sit with her for a second to get her favorite show up and running on her tablet.  Say goodbye.

7:15am- Arrive to my office, pack samples for a 9am meeting, load the 75 lb trunk into my car alone.  7:30am- Arrive to showroom.  Steam all my dresses, drink some more coffee. Put lipstick on (that's about all the make up I have time for.
 And here's me.  Messy hair, don't care.

I've got appts all this week, and some yummy dinners in the night.  Tonight , going to whole foods to start my Annual detox.  I've got 60 days to lose 30 lbs.   Working on it, I think I can do it, I've done it before.  I'm going to Costa Rica March 12th for Sarah's Wedding, gotta get my soft body into shape.  
For those of you that know me, I don't try , at all.  I eat whatever I want, I don't work out these days.  So when I do try, the pounds just fall off.  Determination is a strong thing.  Bathing suit shopping already, I've got my eyes on some great things in mind. 

P.S> I ended up going out Saturday night!
So much fun. My friends AMAZING husband watched the kids while the girls went out on the town.  P.S.S. I'm NOT missing those stupid clubs, and bars. Much rather be home, but it was fun anyway with my girls.  And lots of laughs!

 We went to an amazing bar called "the Love Song".  Not before we hit up a HOUSE's an actual a HOUSE.  So it feels like you are 18 again, super,uper, hipster place.  It was pretty amazing.  Shows in every room, and in their backyard.  

HM157, check it out.

LOVE SONG bar- mellow, small, cute, great cocktails
tribute to David Bowie Night Dancing.  on vinyl.  what is better?
I had the Morris Day cocktail. YUM!

Will update you on this weeks yummy dinners (I'm detoxing, so that will go well.  I'll just order water, and smell the food). I'll probably just order the white fish, no booze.  I'm getting cleaned up for summer body.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Cheers to the Crazies

Hey Fancy, and Non Fancy people.

I just returned from a very stressful, strange, fun, exhausting, and productive (thank goodness) work trip.  What made it all those things?  Rushing out of your house to catch your flight, only to realize halfway to the airport you forgot your ID, SUCKS.  I was so busy prepping Penelope's overnight stay bag, food and snacks for her, food and snacks for the dog, laundry, making sure the Cat had arrangements for someone to come feed/check on her, giving instructions to your extremely selfish sister who is checking her Facebook and updating her profile picture while you are giving her instructions on what to do while you are away... is a lot of fun.  So I grabbed everything I needed, ran out of the house and basically almost threw myself out of the window (since it was dead stop traffic in this horrible LA commute, I would have maybe just gotten a scrape) when I realized I forgot my ID.
I made it to NY though, Monday late night never the less.
OUTFIT DAY ONE (after that, I went naked to work.  JK, i freaking forgot to document... what an amazing blogger I am right? Sorry, I was preoccupied). :)
Met my amazing friends for dinner, they pushed the dinner plans back for me (how sweet are they... a group of 7 girls).  I show up in my "airport" clothes (AKA pajamas).  It was a great restaurant actually.
Bowery Meat Company

.  We all hadn't seen each other in a really long while, so I made a rule that we each take 30 min (give or take) to go around and give us ALL the 411 on what's going on in your life.  There's just nothing worse than telling the same story 7 times separately to 7 different friends, and then we also wouldn't all be able to catch up if we conversed amongst ourselves.  I know, it was a very "school teacher" thing of me to do, but it worked! Now I know what's going on, I also like to live vicariously through other peoples lives.  This is us.
 MY ROOM HAD AN NESPRESSO COFFEE MAKER. The best little gift in the world.  Caffeine

Current Events that happened while I was traveling.

David Bowie passed away of Kidney Cancer on Jan. 10th.  He lived in Manhattan NY.  I remember watching Labyrinth over and over again as a child.  He had two children, and was married to the amazing Iman.  Rest in Peace, David.  Cancer is awful. It scared me because they said he fought it for 18 months.  That's not very long if you tell someone that's all the time they have to live.  
My Dad had Kidney Cancer, and thank God he was able to recover from the surgery, with NO SIGN of cancer, it was gone. They removed the entire tumor (the size of a cantaloupe) out of him, without it spreading.  So thankful.  But also so sad for the people who lose their loved ones to a disease that just eats you alive.  I pray they find a cure one day.
Let's see, what other current events... OH...
The Golden Globes that I completely missed on TV, and just caught the recap on the plane.  It just reminded me that I have no idea what movies are out , and what they are about.  I have a long list of movies I want to see now.
THE HATEFUL EIGHT (i love me a good Quentin Tarantino Film)

And I guess I missed national Hat day today.  *I F-ing Hate "National" days.  Everyday is a special day now, I don't get who makes this shit up.

This trip ...
I did some spontaneous things in NY this trip, that I never have before.  And I don't regret a thing.  Sometimes, you just have to take chances.  I'm happy to report that I had a great time, was out of my mind crazy for doing it, but I've always loved the crazies.    Cheers to the crazies.

My NY fav outfit.

I came home, Penelope was so happy to see me.  She ran to me with open arms.  Wouldn't stop smiling and hugging me.  She couldn't believe I was home.  Amelie (my dog), also attacked me, licking my face to death, while I was hugging Penelope the whole time, as if to say "what about me, I missed you the most!".  My aunt made amazing Pozole, I stayed for dinner.  When it came time to leave, I went to put PJ's on Pea.  For some reason, that girl FREAKS OUT when I put clothes on her. She threw a tantrum like you wouldn't believe (well, you actually would if you've seen me deal with these crazy "terrible two" tantrums she throws).  It lasted , oh... about 45 minutes of her screaming at the top of her head, turning bright red, trying to rip off her diaper, and rip off her shirt like the incredible hulk.  She almost succeeded.  She did also cry and scream so hard, that she projectile vomited some solid curdled cheese (her milk in her belly), all over me.  After I cleaned up her vomit, I changed her into her PJ's (she's still screaming and kicking), tried to comfort her but I'm telling you... read about it, look it up.  It's a thing.  The Terrible two tantrums.  I just put her in the car (that took 20 minutes), and after she was done arching her back so I could buckle her in.  She fell asleep 2.5 seconds after I started the car and headed home.   So you can imagine, I just landed from an exhausting work trip, I go to pick up Pea, and she's already thrown up on me.  
Next I come home, and clean out the kitty litter (more shit).  Since poor S'mores was home alone for 5 days while I was in NY.  
I'm now just getting ready to jump in the shower, and possibly read a book in bed after I post this blog.  
All I want to do this weekend is binge watch Netflix. But, alas... I cannot.  As I am too busy loving up on this beautiful cool girl.  

I will however, be binge listening to new music my friends recommended and introduced me to this week while i was away.  Michelle reminded me how much I LOOOOVE Grimes (seriously so good). And a darling boy I met , introduced me to a band called Snowden.  

Tomorrow is a girlfriends birthday.  I am supposed to find a sitter to watch Pea while I go out.  But honestly... I can't leave her, I just got home from being gone for 5 days (another example of mother guilt).  I think I'll stay home and just spend quality time with her.  (P.S. I ended up going... next post will update you. :)).

So tired guys.  I still didn't sleep even though I was in'd think I would take advantage of being away from Pea.  Nope, No sleep for me.  Sleep is overrated I guess.  Speaking of... there's that Show "Sleep no More" in New York, it's playing again.  I think I'd like to see it again.
Okay, night boo's.  

No photo's tonight, my computer is being SUPER WEIRD.  Not letting me upload pics. You'll see them tomorrow. xo (UPDATED W/ PHOTO'S NOW. :)).