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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A- is for Animal

So, i've been inspired by so much this year.  So much my head almost explodes.   Let's go ahead and start this fun game. 

Here we go. :)
enjoy. all. of. it.  AH!!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top Favorite Christmas Day moments.

Christmas Day was so nice this year.  I feel blessed to have spent it with such good friends and their wonderful families here in NYC.  Although I did not travel this year, and I miss my family very much...I will be seeing them in a couple of weeks when I travel to LA.  I preferred not traveling during the Holiday this year, and staying local.  It just too crazy when you travel for work, it's nice to just lay low for a while.

Here are some of the best highlights below:
1)  Nikki & Eric hosted Christmas Day get together at their new apartment! 
2)  Nikki's Dad & Sister come into town as a surprise for Xmas!

3)  Tonya has her momma & sister in town from Portland and little Oliver comes along!

4)  Acacia, Erica & Andrea join us for a fun Holiday celebration night.  

5)  Michelle cooks up her Hanukkah potato pancakes!

6)  Janet Yoest makes a guest appearance!

7)  Ame gets to come along!

8)  We play pictionary & catch phrase.

9)  We drink xmas shots & eat delicious "Sugarmama" cookies all night!

10) DINNER!  
Nikki & Eric Smoked a HUGE Salmon, made sweet potatos & a wild rice cheese peeloff.
Tonya made the Delicious Brussel Sprout Salad.
I baked my friend Amy's Brisket Recipe!  Here it is below if you want to try it (if you are not a vegi man/woman).  It was a HIT!  I also would double my mushrooms next time!  FYI  everyone wanted more mushrooms!!

DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS... who needs sales when you have...

10)  Pies & Thighs for Brunch!
S. 4th Brooklyn, NYC

We avoid the madness of the after christmas shopping sales, and stay local.  Ride bikes, take nice walks & go see YOUNG ADULT in the evening.  

I believe the moral of the story is:
Money can't buy you happiness.  Especially when blinded by denial & alcohol & reality TV shows.  
Move on, and make the best of it.  Dang, we were all laughing really hard, but I have to be honest... IT WAS EXTREMELY PAINFUL TO WATCH!! P.S. Charlize does an AMAZING job playing the role of a high school popular girl, who was just as shallow then as she is now.  A "ghostwriter", she is a washed up, exhausted, starving for material, piggy back author.  Kudos to her for protraying this crazy bitch character.  Hilarious, I secretly love her. 
"Everyone gets old, not everyone grows up".  Exactly!!!!